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I was interested too (as a former school IT admin), a little googling turned up this:


E-Rate is a major funding source for school Internet connections and is ran by the FCC. The sidebar on that article says:

"Phases out support for some non-broadband services, such as voice services; and eliminates support for others, such as email, Web-hosting, paging, and components of telephone service such as text-messaging and directory assistance."

I'm guessing it relates to that "web-hosting" bit.

Yes, that is exactly right. Public school districts can no longer use E-Rate (federal money) funds to pay for web site hosting or web site management systems. The FCC decided to re-allocate $5 billion in E-Rate funds for a 5-year wifi roll-out plan for all public school districts.

You can read more about the FCC's E-Rate Modernization Order :https://www.fcc.gov/page/summary-second-e-rate-modernization...

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