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$ cp foo /real/long/path/name/to/destination/ /real/long/path/name/to/destination/: no such file or directory

Why doesn't it tell me which component was wrong?

That's so insanely obvious in retrospecr. I guess there's a tiny performance hit - but surely not enough to not implement this idea. Kudos. Like it.

Edit - I generally tab complete my paths so it wouldn't help me out that often. But there are definitely times where that litte extra messaging would help. Hell, why not a fuzzy "did you mean" message

What version of cp is this?

Because I get this:

    $ cp foo /real/long/path/name/to/destination/ /real/long/path/name/to/destination/
    cp: target '/real/long/path/name/to/destination/' is not a directory
With this version:

    $ cp --version 
    cp (GNU coreutils) 8.21

They complained that it doesn't show

    cp: target '/real/' is not a directory

I'm still surprised I have to remember things like parameter order and that parameters don't have some kind of auto complete yet. Or that I don't get hints or definitions of parameters as I'm building up the command.

Going further, why doesn't your shell show you while you're typing? I have seen one or two application programs that do this and it is VERY helpful.

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