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Dasheroo – Business Dashboards Done Right (dasheroo.com)
33 points by alfbrand on May 16, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 13 comments

After evaluating almost all dashboards, super excited to see one that seemingly allows you to specify any REST URL that returns JSON and specify fields you want to display/chart. Every other one I've tried requires you to create an elaborate template or in the case of others forced to return your data in ways that fit their model, versus the natural other way around.

An aside, some of you more familiar with dashboards might say "What about Freeboard?", while excited at first, not to mention the inability to have persistent data out of the box.

Scrolling this website made my CPU cry. It's very sluggish, too much un-needed parallax

More to the point, I find the parallax stuff, especially where it’s flowing in the opposite direction to scrolling, disconcerting. CPU thrashing is bad, but watching scrolling being uncomfortable is far worse.

I have to agree, the page didn't make my CPU suffer here but that was unnecesarily distracting.

No live demo?

Some better examples of business dashboards: http://www.fusioncharts.com/dashboards/

Hey there-- James from Dasheroo here. We're looking into the iOS scrolling issues on our homepage; sorry for the inconvenience!

Not just iOS. Chrome on Windows here, and I get the janky scrolling/CPU fan turning up as well.

FF 38.0.1 on Win7 here. Same problem.

Chrome on linux was fine

The scrolling on this website is janky as hell

I had planned on building my own dashboard service using Dashing from Spotify as the platform. I've written a few modules for it and got a personal one going but never took it beyond there.

This looks really good and the messaging is great with the emphasis on insights.

Going to signup for the free tier right now.

Page scrolling seems broken on iOS.

Seems like browser based self-service reporting is the new "mobile photo app".


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