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Ok, I guess I have to explain it. (Kids these days!)

I close with a slide containing bullet points rebutting all the dumb things said about how JS-can't-do-X, not to say how great JS is, but to show that software is hackable, and if Java, or Flash, or Dart can do X, so can JS. Evolving JS or doing something else is a matter of choice. JS's priority of place is not, it happened and it makes JS very hard to replace. But not hard to evolve.

I use a pic from one of Wesley Snipes's lesser movies, "Passenger 57", where the bad guy gets TOLD in a macho-funny scene on a plane, over an in-plane phone yet: "Always bet on black!" It has a great build-up with camera-work and music to match the delivery. But it doesn't mean anything more or less than always bet on Wesley kicking that pale-eyed, blond-haired villain's ass, because Wesley is a bad-ass and way more fit than Bruce Payne (who played the villain).

JS is way more fit than the comers whose fans spewed all those bogus detractions. Deal with it.

Turing Complete is soooo comfy!

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