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You don't have to ignore the warning. It means that what you see on the site might have been recorded or modified in transit, and what you type in might be recorded or modified on the way back to the server. You might decide that it's fine for browsing but decline to put in personal information on those sites. It's up to you.

The problem is that outside of our niche of people who really care about tech, most people just care about the contents of the webpages they visit. They aren't reading/understanding the warning and have no context for making that assessment of safety and responding appropriately. They just know that they want to go to their bank's site or play the latest Mafiaville or whatever.

These changes in Chrome are teaching them that the red marks on the location bar are just a normal part of those interactions.

Yeah, I don't think my Mom is going to be able to make the decision.

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