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Ask HN: Who's hiring (take 3)?
162 points by eb on Nov 20, 2009 | hide | past | favorite | 201 comments
We've had a couple of popular hiring threads in the past so it'd be great to have some updates.

"Are you hiring? Does your company (or your friend's) have openings? Let HN know!!! Let's get some good people good jobs."

Internships and contracting are also welcome. Previously:

http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=375410 [Ask HN: Who's Hiring?]

http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=759452 [Ask HN: Who's Hiring? (take 2)]

http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=759756 [Ask HN: Who's Hiring... Students?]

1) Should we do this as a periodic feature (say every quarter)?

2) I repeat the links below to make them clickable. I also noted the time since the "Who's hiring" postings were made.

360 days ago: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=375410 [Ask HN: Who's Hiring?]

99 days ago: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=759452 [Ask HN: Who's Hiring? (take 2)]

99 days ago: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=759756 [Ask HN: Who's Hiring... Students?]

I second that idea.

I also wonder if there's any way to build some lightweight features on top of these job postings (sort by location, skills, etc) without it becoming YAJS (yet another job site).

I prefer to just have people comment and possibly post links/email addresses. If feels more organic that way.

Well, if every such post started with something like "Hire HN:", then searchyc.com or another site could keep them in the sidebar or something ... that might be handy.

I thought that's what the jobs section was for?


yc-funded only

Bored with building things? Want to learn how to rip them apart? Haven't gotten enough of me yet? Matasano is hiring app security people in NYC and Chicago. Knowing app security is great, but being an excellent developer is even better.

My contact info's in my profile.

I don't plan on applying but I'm curious as to why you would hire a great developer without security experience over someone who knows app security.

Is it because you offer a lot of training or simply because you figure he'll pick up what he needs fairly quickly and eventually surpass the app security expert? Or is there a different reason?

I asked a similar question to Zed Shaw at CUSEC last year. Something along the lines what do you think about Joel Spolsky saying you should only hire the very best. He said he prefers someone who's willing and able to learn because he'll just teach them and they'll become a very valuable person.

(Speaking of, I think I'm speaking at CUSEC this year, and anyone who's got any advice for me, I would pretty much kill to get it.)

It's simple. The best security researchers are people who have (or at least could) ship software. There is a big swath of high-end work that you simply can't deliver if you can't code. That's where Matasano plays. I suppose you could be a very strong Payment Card Industry certification consultant just by getting very good with WebInspect, but to reverse an embedded kernel, isolate the code that handles a protocol you caught on the wire, and then code a fuzzer for that protocol, you need to be able to read code in a bunch of languages and write code very well in at least one of them.

As a consultancy, there are fringe benefits to our clients from us staffing projects with former devs:

* Devs know how to talk to other devs without sounding like morons or bureaucratic checklist-checkers, and sounding like that is a big problem in my industry. For instance, devs don't tell clients that single-line changes to shipping codebases are "trivial" and should only take minutes to roll out.

* Devs can provide remediation advice that is better than "switch to parameterized prepared statements" or "check input better".

But the reality is, we like working with devs because they are on the whole better at breaking software. They read faster, they don't balk at writing complicated test programs, and they know how pieces fit together --- and those junctions are where software usually fails worst.

Speaking of, I think I'm speaking at CUSEC this year

I sure hope you're speaking given that they just today announced it on the website http://2010.cusec.net/11-20/thomas-ptacek-security-researche... =)

All the advice I can give you is be honest and be yourself. CUSEC has always been very informal compared to most other conferences, more of a discussion between students and people they respect more than anything else.

John Kopanas, the founder of CUSEC, mentions it every year. He created CUSEC simply because he wanted to talk to and hear from people in the software engineering community that he respected. It's always been that every since.

EDIT: I tried to bet one of my friends that you would have the most technical talk at CUSEC. He wouldn't take the bet. If your talk is anything like this post http://chargen.matasano.com/chargen/2009/7/22/if-youre-typin... though I can't wait to hear it!

I figured the room might be a bit too generalist to want to hear 40-50 minutes of crypto flaws, and so I was thinking about wrapping the crypto stuff up in a talk that made a technical case in favor of DRM.

If people tell me real-world crypto is going to keep people in their seats, though, I'm totally down for that; it's a much easier talk.

The room will indeed be quite general. You'll have anything from some (though probably few) 1st year students all the way to some (few again) professionals and masters/phd students. Most will be in between, skewing heavily to last/before last year CS/SOEN majors.

I don't feel very comfortable giving advice about the direction of your talk; I can only speak for myself. If you have questions I highly recommend you ask the director of presentations. That said, personally I think the case in favor of DRM could be quite interesting since I've never heard a technical person argue in that direction. (At least not while doing more than simply assuming the token devil's advocate role.) If you make a good case you'll definitely get lots of questions/objections after!

Can we get the two paragraph version of the technical case in favor of DRM now? I'm very curious.

* That the current state of the industry in crypto development is so weak and poorly understood that many of the statements people make about DRM are rooted not in theory but in observations about incompetant cryptosystems, and that when implemented well, DRM crypto actually has a good track record (cryptocard satellite TV, Blu-Ray). I was hoping to use this thesis as a coat rack for a bunch of practical advice about crypto in general.

* That the security goal of DRM is not about absolute platform integrity, but about meeting the commercial objectives of content providers, and that when you relax constraints from "absolutely protecting media" to "making sure titles are difficult to pirate during their new-release window to maximize profit", you get opportunities for interesting approaches to security, like renewability.

* That taken together, these two ideas suggest that DRM is actually a really interesting CS problem, and --- leaving politics out of it --- even if you believe it's destined to fail, it's worthy of study.

Also, since Matt Knox will be there, this would fit well in a there's interesting problems even in the "evil" side of programming theme.

I'd love to hear the tech case in favor of DRM, but then I'd also love to hear 50 mins of crypto flaws. Sounds like it'll be a great talk either way!

Plus, don't you have a product which may benefit from developers, even if they don't start working on that project?

We do, and we have a full time dev team on it, but I don't like promising people a product development role when I'm looking for app security people. We're hiring on the product too!

I've only had to hire two people so far, but based on that limited experience, I'd definitely prefer someone with passion, interest, and willingness to learn, over someone with experience (and without the rest).

For one thing, even though everyone always goes around arguing that there's only one right way to do things, the fact is that any given organization has their own habits and methods and reasons, and very experienced people may be more reluctant to "fit in".

That problem cuts both ways though.

You have the experienced people who are stubborn and want to do things their way because in their experience that works best but you also have the experienced people who know that the best way to do things is the way that the team is best structured to implement well and maintain efficiently in the future.

The passionate people have the same problem. Passion brings on a strong desire to do things "right" so some will refuse to adapt to the team, their passion dictating what the team should do and others will be more passionate about results rather than methodologies.

The Democratic National Committee is hiring a Ruby developer to work on various projects for http://barackobama.com/ and http://democrats.org/ Send me a note at woodhulln at dnc.org if interested.

DC only, or anywhere?

We have a strong preference for DC. We're located downtown just south of the capitol.

A friendly suggestion: If your job posting is location-specific, please post what city you are located in.

Palantir Tech is hiring for just about every position in the company (we're growing fast). The most YC-relevant positions are probably software engineers -- most of what we do is in Java (with a bit of Groovy glue). Most jobs are at our Palo Alto, CA hq.

See: http://www.palantirtech.com/careers



Also feel free to contact my directly -- jhscott/at/palantirtech[.com].

My favorite perk is probably 4v4 Halo3 after dinner on the two HD projectors in the game room.

Were you at SF DevDays? Saw some of your reps there.

Sadly, no. I almost missed the SHDH that we hosted a few weeks ago.

NewsCred is hiring - do you understand and love SOLR/Lucene or Information Retrieval? Do you want to learn?

shafqat at newscred dot com.

Can be based anywhere, but be prepared to fly out to Switzerland often. And yes, you can ski or snowboard while you're out here.

Quora (Palo Alto) would hire someone if we found the right person.

Quora is a continually improving collection of questions and answers. We're a startup based in Palo Alto, CA founded by Adam D'Angelo, who was previously CTO and VP of engineering at Facebook, and Charlie Cheever, who led Facebook Platform and Facebook Connect.




Some of the challenges are highly algorithmic, such as coming up with ways to organize and categorize the information effectively so that users can efficiently find what they need; others are very technical, such as working to make a web application that is complex while still being very fast; and many of the challenges are in product design, such as figuring out a way to set up and grow a healthy community and constructing intuitive interfaces for users.

We are committed to building a cutting-edge technology company that develops software the right way and is a place where engineers love to work. Some of the tools we are using include Python, Pylons, nginx, memcached, Thrift, and git. We're using continuous deployment and EC2, so all code you write will go live to production within minutes no matter what time it is. Both founders are developers. We want to build a fantastically strong engineering team and the first engineers that join us should set the tone for that.

can I get an invite? thanks!

Mozilla is hiring: http://www.jobvite.com/CompanyJobs/Jobs.aspx?c=qpX9Vfwa

Lots of awesome jobs with millions of users and you get to help make the internet a better place :)

Bah, you beat me to it, now I can't mention those great positions we have on our Metrics team looking for people who love to tackle big data problems and make cool visualizations and then go and talk about them instead of hiding them under a rock. Oh wait.. I just did. ;)

Awesome, thanks for posting this! I applied as a web developer.

Kickstarter (http://kickstarter.com/) is a crowdfunding startup focused on changing the way people raise money for creative projects. We're looking for two people, a full-time Rails developer and a visual designer/developer in NYC:

http://blog.kickstarter.com/post/235165287/hiring-rails-deve... http://blog.kickstarter.com/post/231040160/hiring-visual-des...

Feel free to email me directly, andy at kickstarter.com.

I've been wanting to fund our startup (Stormpulse.com) with a kickstarter project. Can I get an invite?

Maybe! Email me.

Score, done!

Naughty Dog is hiring (http://www.naughtydog.com/). Our jobs section isn't listing the positions, but we are hiring programmers, designers, and artists.

Email: jobs@naughtydog.com

In case it's not clear, Naughty Dog made Uncharted 2, which is GOTY.

It should also be said that this development house has made good use of Lisp in the past.

Off-topic but I just want to give kudos on Uncharted 2. People talk about the Xbox360 and PS3 as the next generation of video game consoles; I think Uncharted 2 is the first real next generation video game. It's truly amazing.

Congrats and Thanks!

I second that...I am completely addicted to it.

DocumentCloud is hiring.

If you'd like to help build an open repository of primary source documents for the top news organizations in the country, and release tons of open-source code while doing it, then we should talk.

Our contract from the Knight Foundation mandates that everything we create is open-source -- so far, we've released CloudCrowd (parallel processing for Ruby), Underscore.js (a functional JS library), and Jammit (heavy-duty asset packaging for Rails).

More info: http://documentcloud.org/

Blog: http://documentcloud.org/blog

Code: http://github.com/documentcloud

To be specific, we're looking for a Postgres whiz as well as a JavaScript/Rubyist to help build the Journalist Workspace. New York City is best, but we can be flexible for the right person. If you think you'd be a good fit, drop me a line at jeremy@documentcloud.org.

JamLegend.com is hiring. If you like Music and Games and want to make the next evolution of Guitar Hero online, send me an e-mail at jobs [] jamlegend com


Yes, if you work for us, you do get to go to free concerts and play games all day.

++ to brewing your own beer. Saw the simplegeo guys doing this, surprised more startups don't do it. Super fun.

Snaptic is hiring (http://snaptic.com), we speak scala, Obj-C, and java.

#1 productivity app on Android, and TechCrunch/MobileCrunch named us(3banana) one of the top ten apps on Android. =)


Please shoot us an email at hn@snaptic.com , we used to be called http://3banana.com

We are in sunny South Park (SF), four engineers right now.

This position at Counsyl looks pretty interesting for any bioinformatics hackers here (like rms).


Steven Pinker cares about ending preventable genetic disease. So does the chair of Biostatistics at Harvard's Dana Farber Center, the director of Yale Fertility Clinic, and the former chair of Ob/Gyn at UCLA/Harbor.

They've joined our board because we have developed a diagnostic-grade genetic test which every single American of reproductive age needs to take before having a child. Our test is already covered by insurance and offered at 80+ hospitals across the United States (see counsyl.com/map).

We're growing like crazy and looking for talented hackers with a passion for applied math and computational biology. Learn more about us at www.counsyl.com.

Okay, copy and paste from previous threads:

We're hiring here at Cloudera.

We're especially interested in web developers who have built and deployed large, extensible applications into production environments. An interest in data visualization and analysis doesn't hurt. We also have some deep distributed storage system hacking problems.

We have a strong preference for open source experience: our team (see http://cloudera.com/about) includes core contributors from the Berkeley DB, Ganglia, Lucene/Nutch, Hadoop, and MooTools projects.

We expect you to communicate ideas clearly, exhibit preternatural intellectual curiosity across a variety of domains, write quality code, and have a consistent focus on improving yourself and the team around you.

If you're interested, drop your CV and a cover letter to jobs@cloudera.com.

Justin.tv is hiring: http://www.justin.tv/jobs

Amazon seems to always be hiring. Give us a shout - this includes internships too.

By the way, I did 6 internships total during college, and Amazon was by far the most enjoyable one. If you're a student, apply.

Where else did you intern? I'm curious because I'd like to know whether an Amazon internship would be different or better than my other experiences (Microsoft/IBM).

My internships stretch sometimes a little beyond software:

- A particle accelerator at UBC (http://www.triumf.ca) - An automotive parts plant (http://www.vdo.com) - Apple (x2) - A 3D animation tools company (http://www.sidefx.com)

I have also had a very positive experience with Amazon after doing two internships with Amazon (one of Seattle and one out of Dublin). One of the few companies around that actually allowed me to design, think and be critical rather than just being cast away into some needless intern project. At my school, they tend to hire as many people that meet their bar rather than setting a quota which is probably why it seems that they are always hiring.

I'm comparing to two other internships - two at a theoretical physics institute in Waterloo and two with Bloomberg in NYC.

How did you score the Amazon internship? I once dropped my resume into their jobs application black hole never to hear from them again.

We're hiring for freelance and internships. Brooklyn, NY http://www.mybanktracker.com

  - HTML/CSS standards based guru (SASS experience a plus)
  - PHP/MySQL programmer. (Python and MongoDB experience a plus)
These can turn into full-time positions for the right person.

jason at mybanktracker.com

Update: We prefer candidates in the local area. Thanks for your interest though!

TripAdvisor is looking for developers and interns in the Boston area. For developers apply online @ http://www.tripadvisor.com/careers/jobs (I work in New Initiatives and can't speak highly enough of them). For interns email me your resume.

bkrausz AT tripadvisor.com with resumes or company questions.

If you're a developer, feel free to drop me a line directly: sanj<at>tripadvisor.com

I don't think many people realize what we do here and how cool it is. Or how selective we are.

Google is hiring. I'm in Seattle and I'm specifically looking for "systems-y" people, Google as a whole hires good engineers at any level.


I'm happy to help you find google jobs in Mountain View. We're hiring all kinds of people there, as well.



Do you have an email address we can reach you at, or would you prefer applications through the webpage?

Feel free to send mail to jbeda+resume@google.com if you are in Seattle/Kirkland and I can get you into the system. Or you can go through the web site.

Kiha (Seattle) is hiring NLP and data-mining engineers, mobile application developers, and server-side Java developers: http://www.kiha.com/

We're in stealth mode, building a suite of applications and services for mobile devices. We also need SDET, ops, and product management people.

IMVU Inc. is hiring: http://bit.ly/6XTJ5r Work in entertainment (profitably!) on fun problems with an amazing architecture and amazing development process.

Why I love working at IMVU:

I get to write C++, Python, SQL, and PHP in the same day, if they're the right tools for the task at hand.

My changes are available to customers 30 minutes after finishing them.

An active and excited community of users: http://search.twitter.com/search?q=imvu

We're a large and growing virtual goods economy and virtual world.

The company I interned for this summer, Panjiva, is hiring a web app developer in Cambridge, MA (http://panjiva.com/jobs). Their app uses Ruby on Rails, but experience with it isn't a necessity. It's a good place to work for if you like it when your development work immediately affects your company's revenue.

Right now the 3 person development team includes an MIT PhD candidate, an MIT grad who founded a startup with a successful exit to VMWare, and a CMU/Stanford alum who recently quit Powerset/Microsoft.

Want to noticeably reduce the world's energy usage?

Austin-based Green Revolution Cooling (my friend's startup) is looking for a software engineer. They have created a very efficient cooling system for data centers. The startup has two mechanical engineers that have built a prototype that is getting awesome results. You'd be the main software person. http://grcooling.com/ Feel free to email me at drew@overt.org or christiaan.best@grcooling.com

We have close to two dozen (!) openings for software engineers in Santa Barbara, San Francisco, and Hoboken, NJ:


If interested, contact me at msbcode at gmail and I will see about referring you.

Sofa is hiring coders (Obj-C/Obj-J/Python) or ui designers for fulltime positions in Amsterdam.

You guys do great work - we were just talking about you at the lean startup event last night with a team from Holland that's in town to interview at YC. I think there was some kind of friend-of-a-friend-married-a-sister type of connection :)

As a designer, I loved visiting Amsterdam during my honeymoon last year - I felt like I was drowning in a sea of Helvetica. The ugliness of American road signs was an extremely heated topic last night.

Thanks for the nice words. Any way I can reach that Dutch team? I'd love to find out more about them.

I think they'd run out of business cards, if I remember correctly. And we were getting kind of drunk by then so I don't remember their app either :) sorry!

Tickle's hiring. We're an e-commerce company currently operating in luxury lifestyle, soon to expand into other markets. We have an awesome work environment with great fringe benefits.

The UI (design and xhtml/css/javascript) team and the backend (php/mysql/etc.) team are both seeking interns for 12 weeks stints. This would turn into a full-time position for the right person. For more information, e-mail careers@myticklespot.com.

If you don't mind, mention hn when you contact us.

Yahoo is (always) hiring -- apologies for giganto-link:


Interested in having a large impact at a young startup?

Bump (YC S09, Sequoia) is hiring in Mountain View, CA. We're having a blast building our service out. There's a lot of interesting work on both the mobile client and server side.

We need help with the following areas:

linux/python/scaling/operations/architecture backend

See http://bumptechnologies.com/jobs.phtml for more details.

Check out my profile to contact me directly.

Academia.edu is hiring. We're looking to hire a developer who is really passionate about building great products. They will be the 4th member of the team.

Our jobs page is here http://www.academia.edu/jobs and the job description is here http://www.academia.edu/jobs/software_engineer

FreshBooks is hiring for a ton of positions in Toronto. We are looking for PHP and Python developers, designers, marketing, community developers, database administrators, product managers, and support specialists.


I'm especially looking for hackers. I'm looking for developers who love building the Web. The Integrations team is working hard on OpenID, OAuth, and OpenSocial, and we need people who get off on that sort of thing.


If you're wondering what it's like to work for us, this video is a pretty good indication of how we roll.


-- Sunir, Chief Handshaker, FreshBooks (sunir splat freshbooks dot com)

P.S. We're growing on revenue, so you can feel confident you will still have a job here as long as you want it.

LShift in London is hiring. http://www.lshift.net/recruitment.html

"LShift was set up to make sure that it would be a good place for smart people to work. The day to day routine is as flexible and informal as possible to give you room to manage yourself as you see fit, and you'll spend your days working with like-minded people."

PlayHaven is hiring multiple positions (devs, UI/UX engineers): http://www.playhaven.com/about/jobs/

We are a small team based in San Mateo, CA. If you love games, web, and iPhone. And love to solve challenging issues, please shoot me an Email! My contact info is in my profile.

p.s. We were part of the LaunchBox Digital 08 program.

It ain't me doing the hiring but just this morning I did a post of 5 jobs that are going in the Ruby and Rails worlds at http://www.rubyinside.com/5-top-ruby-and-rails-jobs-for-nove... - the jobs are in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Massachusetts mostly.

My new startup (Plato’s Forms) is an early-stage angel funded startup based out of South Park (SoMa), San Francisco, focused on solving the problem of rapid proliferation of misinformation in online media.

And we're hiring Ruby on Rails Developers and Senior Developers

We’re going to disrupt (in a good way) the way the worlds of news media and PR communicate. And kick ass.

As we're so early days this is a great opportunity get in at the ground floor NOW. We are able to offer early employees a significant equity package (along with a salary) that could generate meaningful wealth if we collectively achieve our goals. To that end we're looking for a few talented developers who can embrace the excitement and challenges of creating a company from scratch and be willing to make the commitment necessary to succeed.

If that sounds of interesting please check out http://platosforms.com/jobs or send resume + github urls/etc to jobs@platosforms.com

CCP Games, the makers of Eve Online, are hiring programmers in Atlanta, Iceland and Shanghai. Apply at http://ccpgames.com/jobs.aspx.

Sticker Giant http://www.stickergiant.com/blog/work-at-stickergiant/ out of Boulder, CO. Great company.

I know the CEO, good guy.

My group at RIM is hiring devs to work on a WebKit-based browser for the BlackBerry. http://linkedin-us.simplyhired.com/a/li-jobs/view/jobkey-ceb...

Digg is hiring!

We're looking for an Integration Developer to work with content publishers and API clients to support integration of buttons and tools and development of external apps. Ideally a brilliant junior developer with lots of interesting side projects and experience working with clients.

We're also looking for Senior Infrastructure Engineers with experience in non-relational databases, message queues, service-oriented architectures... we're a major contributor to Cassandra and other open source projects and we're doing lots of interesting things in the name of scalability and performance.

Both jobs are in San Francisco (Potrero Hill). More info and more jobs here: http://digg.com/jobs

I'm looking for a few developers located in the Philadelphia area. If you want to do something amazing with your life, click the link below.


Hi Todd,

Mind sending me an email at i (dot) shamiq (at) gmail (dot) com? I've got a bit of info for you.

BIG Folio/NextProof is looking for a part-time Ruby on Rails developer who can commit to roughly 20/hours a week. This is a fairly permanent position and could grow into something full-time.

You'll be working on some awesome projects for the professional photography industry. Would also be great for someone who needs to make some money while working on their startup.

We are located in beautiful Bend, Oregon and have a great office. (Mt. Bachelor just opened for snowboarding today!) Of course, we are totally fine with remote workers too. Occasional in-person meetings may be necessary, so bonus points if you're in the northwest.

My email address is in my profile.

Roost (downtown San Francisco) is hiring for a UI position. You get to work with sharp/funny/awesome people on sane projects, in a funded environment, in downtown San Francisco, while learning new things continuously and enjoying what you do, day after month after year. :)

http://www.roost.com/web/jobs.action (jobs at roost dot com redirects to our CTO, hilariously, so include your most awesomest cover letter; bonus points for hand-drawn explanations)

We love students and part-timers, but we'd really like to hire a strong HTML5/CSS3/JS lead.

When you say "UI position" do you mean designer, front-end web developer, or user-experience expert?

WhitePages.com is hiring. We're a RoR/Perl shop based in Seattle.


The Analytics Engineering team at LinkedIn is looking for engineers to work on Hadoop, Project Voldemort, and the A/B Platform:


Don't forget distributed social graph (in Scala and Java): http://www.linkedin.com/jobs?viewJob=&jobId=785025

Another 'Inner chiming in :-)

Hey Pete, what's the difference between Voldemort and HBase? Looks interesting.

Voldemort is a fully distributed, key/value store. The distribution model is Dynamo/eventual consistency (there are, however, tunable "knobs": you can choose how much of either consistency, availability and partition tolerance you want to give up in favour of the other two). The storage backends are pluggable, but most commonly used ones are BerkeleyDB and read-only (for data built off-line). Latency is low, throughput is high and there isn't a single point of failure. I am presently working full time on a feature that enables additional nodes (and thus capacity) to be added as a cluster is running (and serving live requests).

HBase is a BigTable style columnar style (with support for certain kinds of range queries: see the Google BigTable paper). The distribution model is strong consistency, the backing store is built on top of Hadoop's HDFS. Hadoop's name mode is the single central point / "special" node (although there's work being done by the Hadoop team on having multiple namenodes, afaik).

Cassandra takes yet another approach, mixing parts of Dynamo's consistency/distribution model with parts of BigTable's data model.

The two are different projects, solving different problems. I am a commiter to Voldemort, but I play with/like HBase and Cassandra as well. One size does not fit all :-)

Ooyala is hiring! http://www.ooyala.com/about/careers ; We're looking for additional talented and experienced developers and operations team members to work on scalable systems using cloud computing, RoR, and other hopefully interesting buzzwords!

If you'd like to join a company thats growing, and helping to change the face of video on the web, apply within.

Tell 'em the pool boy sent ya!

(Engineering hiring is focused in Mountain View, CA)

AdRoll's team just moved into a great new space near Market @ 3rd. We're looking for a Director of Product to own and drive our roadmap and build-out new products like RoundTrip (http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/11/05/browse-before-you-buy-a...)

Openings: http://adroll.jobscore.com/list

Embedded systems (digital cameras in particular):


SB Nation is hiring a Ruby/Rails developer and an operations engineer: http://www.sbnation.com/jobs

We're a network of 220+ community-driven, fan-centric sports news sites, with a passionate audience of 7+ million. It's an interesting and challenging space to be working in, especially given the current transitional period for news media. We're based in Washington DC but are open to remote workers.

Aardvark is hiring! http://vark.com/jobs

We're located in San Francisco (SOMA), and are constantly looking for sharp engineers.

If you're interested in cloud computing we have a few openings for developers. We're building a very large scale private cloud and we could use help all over the place. From the low level Xen foundation, linux kernel, and virtual machine setup and deployment, to the high level view of the system we'll present to the users (Yahoo developers).

Location: Sunnyvale, CA

Qualifications: You're a very good developer (in any language)

dmuino at yahoo.com

Hiring? Does that imply a salary? Cause yeah, we don't have that quite yet, but we're working on it.

What do we have? Small, fast, potential insane team going after the temporary staffing / contracting match-making market. It was $86B in revenue last year, a down year, and it's almost entirely offline. It's time to shake things up!

We're in Boston and you need to be to. We code primarily in Rails. The right person will be co-founder with significant equity. We're changing peoples lives. Come build a great company with us.

We're a TechStars 09 company. Have GREAT advisers with deep industry knowledge and major entrepreneurial success under their belts (seriously, rock stars).

Oh, and as this says (http://www.startuply.com/Jobs/Technical_Co_Founder_Rails_153...) I'm not another biz guy looking for someone to do the work. Career developer, 4 startups under my belt, looking to turn my focus more towards the fund raising and growing the biz. That's where you come in. Ping me. My email is in my profile.

Engine Yard is hiring for multiple positions. We're hiring sysadmins, app support engineers as well as ruby engineers to work on our cloud platform.

If you like working with nosql, aws, cloud, linux, nginx, ruby, unicorn, passenger, haproxy, deployment automation tools, chef. TDD, BDD, pair programming etc, then you will like working here.

Send an email to jarnold@engineyard.com (Joe Arnold) with an intro and a resume.

AboutUs is hiring full-time developers in Portland, OR.

Most of our work is in Ruby and Scala. We routinely spin up 100+ instances in EC2 to do long-running tasks and are always investigating new technologies to help solve our problems.

If you have questions, you can email me (email in profile) or check out http://www.aboutus.org/AboutUs.org/Jobs

I hope you're checking here for questions (if not I'll email you later), but roughly how large is your development team?

We have 2 offices. Our main office is here in Portland, but we have another in Lahore, Pakistan. The dev team here is a really solid group of 6 people. We wear many hats and likewise have many responsibilities.

Union Square Ventures has a portfolio full of companies that are hiring. This query at Indeed.com will show openings across our entire portfolio. If you have any questions about any of these roles, I'm to either answer them or point you in the right direction: andrew@unionsquareventures.com

Jobs at portfolio cos: http://bit.ly/8ueLw8

Lotsa Python stuff, and located in downtown SF

ReminderMedia (King of Prussia, PA - near Philly) is hiring. We need junior developers for a PHP CRM as well as an User Experience Designer and Customer Service Representatives.


Feel free to email me directly too: jcampbell at remindermedia.com

College Humor is hiring PHP developers


If you work at the Times, do you mind sharing your email so I can shoot you some questions?

Gotham Digital Science is hiring software security engineers and penetration testers in NYC and London. Those with security and/or development background in Java, .NET, C/C++, Python... See http://www.gdssecurity.com/g/ca.php for more information.

We're hiring a Ruby/Rails engineer to build up an innovative and large scale mobile service focusing on the iPhone now. We're an Alphalab summer 09 company.

You will be employee #1. Preferably someone from the Pittsburgh area or East Coast. Will definitely consider telecommute if you're the right candidate.

Email's in my profile.

Zynga is on a mad hiring spree right now for all kinds of developer positions. http://www.zynga.com/jobs/ Come work on some of the biggest and fastest-growing social games ever, with some of the most driven and successful engineers ever.

"The most driven and successful engineers EVAR!"

Oh yeah? Name some of them.

We're hiring at Wikispaces.

Javascript and support engineers, sales. Profitable, growing like gangbusters, 3.5 million registered users, small team in nice San Francisco office.


Drop me an email at jbyers at wikispaces if you're interested.

Fluther.com is looking to hire someone with backend/architecture/database/python experience.

(You will be employee #2).


We should have said you need to be able to work from our SF offices.

As a former roommate, I can say Ben's the real deal. Great guy to work with! (and Andrew, too!)

Orbis Technologies is hiring Natural Language Processing engineers and knowledge/semantic engineers in Annapolis, MD. and Central Florida. Really interesting work!


Do NLP engineers include computational linguists, or do you prefer to have people who can really code and train them up? (Not on my own account, asking to find more and better search terms for when/if someone I know has to go jobhunting after their contract runs out.)

To my mind, NLP engineer and computational linguist are synonymous terms. Code'em, Train'em, tweak'em, hand-tune'em: the more of that one can do, the more value one can provide us.

I don't do NLP, but I'd love to see if anyone else is hiring in Florida... I'm a frontend/backend web programmer http://philfreo.com/

The Nerdery is hiring for Java, C# ASP.NET, PHP, and Frontend / Designer.


At The Nerdery, we build awesome websites* for our customers.

*Really anything a customer wants but mostly they want websites and some iPhone & Android apps.

Are you one of those rare people who has a deep passion for both technology and art? Are you excited by the thought of revolutionizing the highly inefficient art world and helping artists sell their works?

We are a NYC, pre-product, but seed-funded startup that has placed at least as high as finalist in 3 business plan competitions. Looking for extremely passionate and intelligent (yet humble) people interested in being part of our founding team.

Positions: Interaction/visual designers and front-end people with experience in FB app development, LAMP, Zend Framework, JQuery. Contact me directly at carter.cleveland@gmail.com and include links to something you've created. Thanks!

Bug Labs is hiring a Sales Engineer (an Engineer that wants to also talk to customers) (SoHo NY). We don't brew our own beer (yet) but we are having fun. http://www.buglabs.net/jobs

Grooveshark is always looking for quality people. I know the marketing teams are continually bringing new people on and we will probably be scaling our dev team soon as well. We're in Gainesville Florida though. Send me an e-mail.

Splunk is hiring sustaining engineers in San Francisco (right by South Park), dlanstein at my company's domain and I'll be happy to forward your resume on with an introduction. Ridiculously cool product, if you don't know about it.

Plus, with the weather as crappy as it is today, we have Carasso making homemade mac and cheese, and Smithwick's, Widmer, and Lagunitas IPA on tap :)

MyNewPlace.com in San Francisco is looking for a Java web developer. http://www.mynewplace.com/jobs/technology/web-application-de...

Google and Facebook are on a hiring spree. At least their recruiters are very active.

yeah facebook is totally hiring http://www.facebook.com/careers/

people can email me with any questions or just go through that site: ivan.kirigin@gmail.com

Gnip (www.gnip.com) is hiring Rails / AJAX developers in Boulder, Colorado.

Check out http://www.gnip.com/company/jobs/web-developer and drop me an email at eric@gnip.com

We are hiring at Paragon Lake (Lexington, MA) - Product Manager, E-commerce developer, Java developer, and more: http://paragonlake.com/company/careers.php

friend's company hiring research engineer with AI programming skills: http://www.optech.ca/jobs/Research%20Engineer-OI-041609.html

This company is headquartered in Toronto, but is looking for a US-based employee. It's hard to tell from info on the website, so I'll ask for clarification here: is this a telecommuting job with lots of travel or is there a US office as well?

Offices in Toronto and Mississippi. I know the founder/president of the company. He's a smart man and they do interesting work.

Bridge Worldwide (based in Cincinnati, OH) is hiring

top 25 in best places to work for 4 years running


Rackspace is hiring Java and Python guys. Considering talent over location. Ping me at michelle.greer(at)rackspace.com if you are interested or know someone else who would be. Thanks!

Rackspace is also hiring in the Austin, TX area: https://rackspace.ats.hrsmart.com/cgi-bin/a/highlightjob.cgi...

Zumbox is hiring a Director of Product Development: http://www.linkedin.com/hiring?jobId=775114

Westlake Village, California.

Victus Media http://victusmedia.com is "hiring" interns, web developers, and software folks that are very cumfy with Ruby/Rails site infrastructure (note that our cool service is down at this second, shortening my lifespan with each moment ;).

We're a pre-company so any folks we decide to team up with at this point would be working for stake. You'd have to jive with me and the Lead Tech Tyler.

Contact me here or messel at victusmedia dot com.

OmniTI is hiring: http://www.omniti.com/is/hiring (Columbia, MD and Brooklyn, NY) - DBA/SA/Web Dev

ShopWiki (NYC startup in the comparison shopping space) is looking for:

- a UI dev (python/html/css). This is my project and is going to see a ton of work next year, much of it interesting if you're into web design and information architecture.

- backend dev (C++) for our search/sku consolidation code

- Probably backend Java people as well, though that hasn't specifically been mentioned to me.

I think our jobs page is way out of date, but feel free to send me an email if interested.

INM United in Richmond, VA needs Ruby on Rails || iPhone developers. blarrick@inmunited.com if you're interested. Mention HN in subject please.

Huddler is hiring in San Francisco. http://www.huddler.com/careers.html

We're hiring at Social Gold for a number of positions including developers (Ruby, Flash, Test) and more. Some in SF on Embarcadero, some in Seattle in Pioneer Square.

We're mostly looking for experienced developers, and the stereotypical HN "hacker" would fit in really well.


Vistaprint is hiring for a ton of roles as well. Software Engineering, Project Managers, Operations, Creative, Marketing, other. We also do a very limited number of internships.

Locations include Lexington (Boston area), MA, Barcelona, Windsor Ontario, Venlo Holland, Winterthur Switzerland.


WePay is hiring PHP engineers in Palo Alto, CA.

http://www.wepay.com bill at wepay d com

SeatGeek is looking for a lead backend engineer.

We're a well-funded, early stage startup located in NYC. TechCrunch50 finalist. If you've got plenty of the experience with the LAMP stack and enjoying working on challenging problems, drop us a line:


PlayMesh is hiring iPhone programmers, email us at jobs@playmesh.com.

We make social iPhone games in Mountain View; 15 top 25, 5 top 10.

Webs.com is looking for a front-end developer. Strong HTML/CSS/JS skills, located in Silver Spring Maryland. Right on a Metro line, we're essentially at the DC border. Position is in-office, no telecommuting options. :(

Anyone interested can email me directly (ryan [at] webs (dot) com), or hit me up on Twitter (@ryanmcgrath).

Hey! Interesting to see you here. :)

You came to my school recently, I believe. I talked to you about the Starcraft AI internship, and such? (Unless that was someone else from Webs.com. I'm afraid I forgot your names!)

Small world.

Haha, no, that wasn't me, but some coworkers of mine. Awesome people - they work in the more backend side of things, whereas I work on the UI side of things.

Good stuff all around. ;D

Emakina, one of the lead interactive agencies of Belgium, Europe is hiring too:


developers, testers, editors, motion designers, webdesigners, ... They are based in Brussels, but have jobs for Antwerp, Ghent, France and the Netherlands!

OpenX is hiring: http://www.openx.org/jobs

We're located in Pasadena, CA.

Yep, we're (Medialets) hiring in NYC. Hadoop experience is a huge plus, but any distributed computing experience is interesting.

Also looking for folks who deeply grok mobile development (iPhone, Android, BBerry).


Drop me a line - eric.litman@medialets.com.

Telligent Systems is hiring several QA engineers, DB engineer, and tech writers, for C# and SQL Server. Most jobs are in Dallas, but likely consider remote candidates as well (I work remote from CA).


Come work at Twitter, we're hiring!


I am looking for opportunities solving natural language processing, machine learning, and data mining problems. I specialize in large data sets. One decade of experience. Contract or full time.

[edit: Do we want a separate thread for job seekers to post their specialities?]

check two posts up for NLP :)

Arxan Technologies(www.arxan.com) is hiring in West Lafayette, IN.

We solve the really interesting problems that tptacek is alluding to here: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=953722

Email me (contact info in profile)

I'm in a 3 person startup located in downtown San Francisco that is looking for a AJAX expert http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/eng/1469284027.html


Venture backed stealth startup in Mountain View looking for a Lead Hacker. If you think you are true YC-grade hacker, then we want to hear from you!

Here at Harvest, things are pretty exciting and we've got a few roles open in design, front-end dev, and sys admin: http://www.getharvest.com/jobs

We're based in New York City.

Think in Palo Alto is looking for LAMP and mobile programmers.


I read the form submissions personally.

DRW Trading Group is hiring. Its a group of ridiculously smart folks. You'll have fun. Chicago, IL.


sounds awesome. just applied. thanks.

MyType, a psych/personality startup, is looking to hire a lead web developer. Big points if you have data mining/machine learning experience.


RJMetrics is hiring an exceptional User Experience and Interface Engineer (Philadelphia / South NJ)


For those in NYC, Connected Ventures (CollegeHumor.com) is looking for a PHP developer. http://www.collegehumor.com/jobs

cPanel is hiring: http://cpanel.net/jobs.html

We have great benefits, a great work environment, and a very stable business.

Mention HN when you apply :)

Looking for Really Really Good .NET Developers in Sydney. If you are one, or know one, apply http://bit.ly/6i5wCS

Damballa in Atlanta is hiring top notch developers


BackType is hiring developers to join the founding team of two in San Francisco:


athenahealth in Watertown, MA is hiring developers and system administrators.



Mention HN when you apply.

Green startup Opower has engineering openings: Senior Java Dev, QA, and Senior DB.


My email is in my profile if you're interested and have any questions.

Bazaarvoice, voted the best place to work in Austin, is hiring. We dominate the user generated content space. Email me for details.

With the exception of Mr. Ptacek, a noticeable lack of openings in Chicago. Worries me about our local high-tech market.

Go to the next HN meetup. Last time there were a few local startups looking for people.

Off the top of my head:



when is that, btw? I lost that google group in a computer somwhere.

"With the exception of Mr. Ptacek, a noticeable lack of openings in Chicago.

Ahh well, compared to the number of openings in Bangalore.India ... :-)

Rapleaf is hiring as well: http://www.rapleaf.com/careers

eHarmony is hiring Java Engineers.

Email me at spanguluri at that domain and I can forward to the appropriate person.

fiercemarkets.com is looking for a Junior PHP/Drupal developer in DC: eli-at-fiercemarkets.com

neustar is hiring (better known brands are ultradns and webmetrics) - we have around 70 open positions, most of them technical (support, ops, dev etc.)


DNSworks is "hiring" for a co-founder who loves to build infrastructure (hit me up on email).

We offer: remote support and assistance, consulting of FOSS projects. Linux, BSD hosting, virtualization, whatever. Informix support and consulting.


Here is a good resource for Ruby on Rails Jobs: http://www.RoRJobs.com

There's already a 'jobs' section.

Do u think we should have a separate thread for entry-level ?? New One like this one.

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