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"On Flickr.com, a new feature called Camera Roll organizes them into a reverse-chronological timeline."

10 years on flickr in September.

Retarded idea. Where does the time information come from? The upload time (user & flickr controlled) or EXIF (camera controlled). My bet it's the EXIF which relies on a camera having the correct date. With 20K+ images a lot without correct dates. That's why I generate the dates in tags and titles for own search. Yahoo search is a joke.

"Using Yahoo’s image-recognition technology, Flickr will generate dynamic albums for you across 60 categories including people, animals, landscapes, panoramas, and architecture."

I don't want Yahoo's stupid idea of organisation of images. This isn't for users, people who pay. It's for viewers who search, don't pay but consume and so Yahoo makes $$$.

"But the real opportunity is in helping people manage and browse their smartphone photos"

Nope, still like my choice of camera, pre-processing and manual uploading.

"What’s impressive is what it’s doing for free:"

One of the great things about the web is you can put a face to the words. Casey you missed the chance to ask why the site is un-usable to show a page, why the front-end is rendered at the client and poor user design decisions like reducing the screen usage area. Flickr screen clutter has increased over the years making it harder to view and use.

Flickr never recovered after the departure of Butterfield, Fake and Henderson.


How flickr started: "This Story About Slack's Founder Says Everything You Need To Know About Him"


Technology behind it: Cal Henderson, "Building Scalable Web Sites"


Slack: Latest Company by founders:


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