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Excellent overview. I'm sick to death of landing pages that are vague, hard to navigate, and leave you wondering what the project is all about; you avoided all of that. In particular, the "Decisions made for you" clearly answers many of the questions someone will have when they investigate a project like this. Kudos.

"Decisions [It/We] Made for You" is brilliant. 10/10 will use on my next README, landing page, etc.

I can't agree enough! More projects need this "decisions made for you" section in them.

Hmm, maybe I should go through the common Ruby frameworks and add a section like this in a pull request...

Indeed, it is one of the best one page introduction for a project I have ever seen. Making me go back to some of my projects and redo the READMEs.

Thanks for the feedback!

The project is aimed at getting up to speed as fast as possible, and the docs is geared towards that.

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