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Thanks for the clarification. I use PageSpeed via a couple of App Engine apps that have it enabled directly from App Engine's admin dashboard. I never had to change any DNS settings to get it to work. Does this shutdown also mean that PageSpeed will no longer be offered for App Engine apps? Do I need to take any action to avoid a service interruption for my users?

Yes, App Engine support is also deprecated:

     If you are using PageSpeed integration on Google App
     Engine, it will continue to function until 1st
     December 2015, after which PageSpeed optimizations
     will no-longer be applied to your app. No action is
     required on the part of App Engine users; after this
     date apps will continue to operate, except without
     the benefit of the PageSpeed optimizations.
App Engine users only need to take action if they have something on their site that depends on PageSpeed, which is very uncommon.

I didn't have to worry at all about trying to use webassets in realtime. That's just one of the numerous optimisations I'll sorely miss

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