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Yeah, I may has mis-worded that sentiment. My point is, and I'm not the first to have noticed, that much of IT seems to be profoundly cyclical. Not necessarily bad, other than the implication we don't really learn from the mistakes of each cycle. Compare and contrast the trisolarans.

Anyway, memory may be failing, but the big problem was one of configuration data (typically small volumes) that used to be kept in .ini (text) files, now being shuffled into the registry. There wasn't a size or complexity issue that drove that move, unlike the challenge of managing and merging many large log files from disparate services on multiple hosts.

In the particular case the toolkit did eventually catch up, but it took a very long time (3-5 years for us, I think, to recover the same level of deployment, configuration, automation). With Journal, in contrast, the toolkit's already there, and ultimately I'm just not convinced that 'I don't have Journal tools installed on this computer' is a persuasive argument against the tool.

I'm not saying there are no compelling arguments, just that one isn't.

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