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While people tend to use Aphyr's posts as anti-nosql-cannon-fodder, I don't think he has ever advocated for anyone to straight up not use a database or used any of these results to show that no one should use NoSQL ever.

These seem like highly detailed Github Issues (infact the recent elasticsearch was a GH issue-turned-blog post), and these issue are brought to attention so that they could be fixed - not to slander the name of the company (and when they are, everyone benefits). IIRC, even after finding these bugs were published he continued to use elasticsearch.

Given how hard these problems are and how difficult they can be to reproduce, these writeups seem to be the most appropriate way to highlight these issues.

That said, if I was an aerospike user I'd be happier knowing this issue exists, someone has debugged it, and supported a detailed report about rather than being called in at 3am and discovering our data is funky.

In addition the testing methodology (the blog post) and the code (on github) are available so the tests can be reproduced to validate any enhancement or bugfix.

Those blog posts are also a great at debunking marketing claims.

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