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UX/UI Designer at Mozilla Foundation, Remote for the right candidate or in Toronto, Vancouver, San Francisco, Portland and NYC; note we can only hire for this position in the US, Canada and UK.

Come join a world-class team of designers who care about making the world a better place. Just submit your portfolio – that part is pretty important. Show us what you can do. Longer posting here: https://careers.mozilla.org/en-US/position/oCLY0fw5

Contact @cassiemc or cassie@mozillafoundation.org

By "Remote for the right candidate (...) US, Canada and UK" - do you mean work VISA valid for those jurisdictions? (I can work in the UK as I have a Norwegian passport -- but it's not clear if you'd be able/willing to consider me for this position)?

Those are best understood as two separate statements. Re. remote, we'd prefer to hire in the cities mentioned as those are where our current team members are located, though will definitely consider remote for someone who has the right skills to do this successfully (experience doing it, great communication skills and flexibility, above all an exceptional portfolio).

Separate to that, we are only able to hire within the jurisdictions mentioned, so for your situation you would have to reside in the UK (by my understanding). If you were willing to relocate, great, please do apply!

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