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Data Scientist | Companybook | companybooknetworking.com | Full Time | On site | Oslo, Norway

As a Data Scientist you will work with TBs of structured and unstructured data and apply state of the art Machine Learning and Data Mining techniques on it. You will have the central position in the dev team since all Companybook's products depend on massive amounts data. You will be involved in all phases of the development: from the analysis and design to the implementation. As a Data Scientist you will have the ability to shape the future all our business by adding intelligence to all our data products.


- Advise the dev team on all aspects of Machine Learning and Data Mining - Select the most appropriate ML tools and techniques for solving particular data challenges - Transform and convert unstructured data set into structured data products - Train and build machine learning models to meet business goals - Collect, process, cleanse, and merge raw data from a wide variety of structured and unstructured sources.

Skills & experience


- MS (PhD) in Computer Science, Machine Learning or Statistics - Strong theoretical background and practical experience in machine learning and information retrieval - Strong working knowledge of all core ML techniques: clustering, regression, classification,.. - Excellent written and verbal communication skills.


- Search Ranking - Java/Hadoop/MapReduce

Contact: jobs@companybook.no

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