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Pirate3D (Singapore) − Web back-end, front-end & native. Part-time, REMOTE, to evolve into full-time with possible VISA sponsorship & relocation to Singapore.

Our main product is the Buccaneer, a 3D printer designed to be affordable, sleek and user-friendly. The printer comes with native smartphone and PC apps to control the printer, and with access to Treasure Island (http://treasure.is/), our webstore for 3D models. The focus is on providing a one-click printing experience, where users can expect any object on the store to print well without changing any setting.

You will join our team over on GitHub, Slack and Google Hangout. The back-end uses AWS, Lavarel & MySQL. The front-end uses Ember.JS. Native apps are on Android, iOS, Windows and soon MacOS.

We are ideally looking for one programmer specializing in back-end dev, and one specializing in app dev (web and native), but full-stack programmers are welcome.

If interested, send an email with your achievements and aspirations to Kai at contact@kaielvin.org

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