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Network Locum, London (http://www.networklocum.com)

Network Locum is an online marketplace matching doctors with healthcare providers looking to fill gaps in their rota. We're on a mission to take the power out of the hand of recruitment agencies and eliminate waste from the NHS by freeing up the data.

Our technology stack comprises mainly of interconnected microservices in Python and Django communicating over Redis, with some Angular.js giving our front-end a bit of dazzle. It’s quite cool.

What we believe in * Getting stuff done * Testing quickly and often * Making informed, data-driven decisions * Lean principles and Agile + Scrum project management * Developers spending their time doing what they do best: developing * Cultural fit is as important as raw technical skills are

We have an office in Shoreditch which our team of 12 works out of. If you’d like to join us and be challenged on a daily basis, while having fun with great people, then shoot us your github profile to michael@networklocum.com

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