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Microsoft - Redmond, WA

We have several positions in my team which builds developer tools for programmers and data scientists. Almost everything we do is open source.

3 positions available for building tools for Python & R. Ideal candidate has a background in building IDE's (editors, debuggers, profilers, etc.). 4+ years exp required. The products/environments are: Visual Studio on Windows, VS Code for mac/linux/win. As an example of what we build, see: http://pytools.codeplex.com

2 positions for building an IPython/Jupyter service. Ideal candidate has a background working with similar technologies and/or large scale services. 4+ years relevant exp required. The dev env is Linux, docker, node. As an example, see http://tmpnb.org

1 Intern position available for working on a project related to the above products.

If interested, pls send your resume to smortaz over at microsoft.com.


Is this python for data science as well, or just sticking with general programming?

Hi. Both! Though focus for next release++ is data science. Think Python+R in Visual Studio and "Visual Studio Code" (the newly released cross-plat lightweight IDE), w features that are relevant to data scientists and technical computing types.

By the way, can you say if we will see better scripting support (python or r) for excel? :p

Also can we have support for Rpy2 or some kind of python -r ffi please????

Sounds super cool! I like the new Microsoft :)

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