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HomeTouch | Lead Developer (JavaScript) | London (local)

We're a care marketplace connecting people looking for home care to carers nearby. Our goal is to solve a social need that touches up to 75% of families globally - how to find trusted, affordable care for loved ones.

Since launch in December 2014, we've seen over 2,000 online care enquiries and over 1,500 hrs of care booked. Thanks to strong growth and recent funding, we’re looking for an experienced JavaScript developer to join the team as our first inhouse tech hire.

You’ll get the opportunity to shape the technical roadmap to evolve HomeTouch from a basic, transactional platform to a product customers love. You have a distributed development team of two to help you and get to input into building an inhouse tech team. The problems you’ll get to work on include everything from the algorithm matching customers with carers, planning and building new features, to enhancing payment automation and optimising the look and feel of the site. Our stack is MEAN with some additions, e.g. Redis for caching and job management.

Check out more details here: https://angel.co/hometouch-1 or get in touch at hello@myhometouch.com

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