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Be a full time DB Rethinker (rethinkdb.com) - Mountain View, CA.

As a core part of the development team you will be applying deep computer science and software engineering knowledge to solving a new breed of data management problems. You will be responsible for enhancing the existing product with state of the art features to address scalability challenges for our customers.

Core tools: Linux, C/C++, Emacs/vi, gdb, Python.


  * Design, implement, and maintain database internals and distributed systems code.
  * Implement state of the art algorithms to solve real customer challenges.
  * Write code that is robust even under the most hostile workloads.

  * Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen and Leiserson is your trusty friend.
  * Strong understanding of C/C++.
  * Strong knowledge of at least one additional language (Python, Java, Lisp, etc.)
  * Experience shipping high quality systems software.
  * Familiarity with distributed systems is a plus.
Send your resume to jobs@rethinkdb.com.

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