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Isocline - Austin, TX - Software Engineer for High Performance Computing and Modeling

We are looking for two people - one interested in neural networks and one interested in GPS.

We are developing microchips that yield a 10-1000x improvement in performance & energy-efficiency compared to digital ASICs, GPUs, and FPGAs. We are a bootstrapped company and are fully funded through mid 2016. Patents pending.

C++ experience is required!

$70K – $150K Salary

0.5% – 1.2% Equity

Full Job Description: https://angel.co/isocline/jobs/38767-software-engineer

Company website: http://isoclineengineering.com/

> C++ experience is required!

Guess that's why I didn't hear back last month.

Sorry, I try to reply to everyone

Also, if you're still in school or just graduated, make sure to include your GPA, even if your experience is amazing.

Maybe it was an AngelList hiccup. I find their "application" process odd.

rem0te from Europe for the right candidate?

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