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Seattle, WA - REMOTE: Apsis Labs is looking to add another engineer. We are a small independent development firm located in Seattle, WA, but work as a distributed team. We have a stable client base, offer retirement and health benefits, competitive salary, and a 20-hour work week. Read more about our job philosophy here: http://apsis.io/apsis/blog/2015/04/23/work-sustainably/.

Questions, contact: jobs at apsis.io

Huh, that sounds intriguing.

What 'kind' of engineer are you looking for? Any specific platforms, languages or fields of interest? I went through the site and the portfolio consists of multiple (and very different) projects, so I'm just wondering how it works. :)

We're a pretty small software consulting agency, so we're looking for engineers that are capable of learning new technologies and adopting to best-practices in those technologies.

Ideally, we're looking for people that:

* bring expertise in at least one framework that we're likely to use[1], and

* love to start projects in a software stack that they haven't used before.

[1] Rails, django, iOS, Android, Xamarin, WPF, visual design skills

Makes sense.

I mean, I mostly work with C# and F# on the back-end, but I created my fair share of WPF apps which I vastly prefer to web front ends. I also tinker with Scala in my free time, but I don't really know much about the JVM ecosystem.

I also readily admit I know next to nothing (neither have a feeling for) the UI/UX design, which is why I usually relied on libraries like MahApps; lately I had my eye on Material Design for WPF.

Considering my contract is up soon(ish), what you're offering looks tempting. :)

All things considered, I still feel compelled to ask: do you have a salary range or is it discussed individually? Or both, to a degree?

> All things considered, I still feel compelled to ask: do you have a salary range or is it discussed individually? Or both, to a degree?

Both, to a degree. Specific salary offers are going to vary a great-deal with candidate experience. Our salary floor is $65,000 / year, and it ranges up from there. We also offer retirement and health-insurance reimbursement.

As a final bonus, you get to sign our confidentiality agreement which says that you'll keep our clients' confidential information secret!

Any prospective clients for more C++/native stuff? (Thus the type of an engineer).

Right now we don't have any prospective clients that have projects that would call specifically for C++/native stuff. We have some clients that may have problems that need to be solved with that kind of work in the medium-term future.

Ideally we're looking for engineers that have a pretty-broad skill-set, that are happy to pick up new frameworks, languages, and code-bases as necessary.

Sounds too good to be true!

We're hoping someday it won't; with the rapid pace of automation, we're going to need to rethink what constitutes a productive adult life. We're quickly moving past the point at which society needs a 40-hour work week, and it's time for business to recognize that fact.

are you able to consider applicants from Europe?

We're definitely willing to consider applicants from Europe.

The only qualification I would provide is that I don't have experience hiring outside of the US. If we decide to move forward with a hire from Europe, we'll need to work closely with a lawyer to figure out how to get all of our legal-ducks in a row.

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