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Silent Circle - Geneva - REMOTE the norm, INTERNs welcome

We do end-to-end secure communications and a secure mobile platform (Blackphone). The people who work here are highly interested in ensuring that privacy remains a possibility in the world.

We need great engineers who like working on Android (both at the application and the OS layer), iOS applications, back-end infrastructure (e.g. relational and distributed DBs, messaging layers, etc.), and in C, Erlang, Python, and Lua.

By working here you'll have the opportunity to work on hard problems with interesting people like PRZ. We've grown quickly but are still a startup. We hire great people to whom we can give autonomy to get the job done. As our main job is protecting our customers in hostile environments, we want people who are exceptionally good and exceptionally careful.

We're a distributed team, and we're perfectly happy to hire great people anywhere in the world.

Experience with cryptography, protocol implementation, telephony/VoIP, etc. is definitely interesting to us but not required for all positions. We mainly want people who are demonstrably great engineers in the UNIX mold. F/OSS work is a great sign to us. We are very interested in Android experience right now.

Please email frank, CC myself (my username), @silentcircle.com. If you could write a few paragraphs about yourself and what sort of work you like to do, that'd be appreciated. Links to GitHub and LinkedIn are also good.

I look forward to talking with you.

(Engineers only; no recruiters please.)

Incidentally I checked your hiring page a few days ago and found only non-engineering jobs listed. Will definitely send you an e-mail though.

I hope you don't mind me saying, the hiring page required me to turn on cookies. For a privacy-focused company I think it would look best to not set cookies at all. (Or use cookies only for personal settings like language selection, like DuckDuckGo does.)

Edit: Can't find a public key for Frank nor Travis on pgp.mit.edu, will e-mail JshWright, okay?

Yeah, you can email me and it'll find its way to the right people. My work email is josh at silentcircle.

To be honest, the hiring site is run and used by the business side of the house, as engineering prefers finding folks through other channels (e.g. this one...). I doubt we have any control over whether or not the site requires cookies, as it is a third party solution (other than picking a different provider, but that's well above my pay grade).

Here's Phil, on why you should come work with us:


Broken link

Sorted now, thanks

TC, Are you looking for full time employees or are you interested in working on a long term contracting / freelance basis?

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