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London, England. Little startup with a mighty heart. We are a sharing community for students and people who need their skills.

This is a summer internship position. Local is preferred but we will work with remote. We are redeveloping a platform which didn't do our original concept justice. While that happens, we have happy users to keep serving and we need to keep growing. The ideal candidate would have very strong selling skills coupled with the ability to do any job a tiny start up like ours could need; we don't always know what that could be so a ton of imagination, enthusiasm and initiative are needed and welcome! Think 'Swiss Army Knife'!

This is a paid position. If you are remote, we would prefer if you are not more than BST-5 away.

If you strongly feel that this could be you, we'd love to hear from you, by email to satya AT sesquis DOT com with:

Your GitHub profile. Please point out anything you are particularly proud of, your Résumé, and why you feel you are right for this job.

Thanks so much for reading this, we'd love to hear from you!

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