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Pipemetrics - Lausanne, Switzerland

We are a small Swiss company specializing in design and development of desktop software with a particular focus on polish and quality. Our first product is Bvckup 2 and we are now looking for people to help us grow our product line.

Basically, if you like your C/C++ code light and optimized, all i's dotted and t's crossed, we should talk. There are people out there who recognize and appreciate the software quality as a feature in its own rights. These are our users, this is whom we are after. Come and join us -

1. Senior developer - C/C++/Windows

2. Junior developer - summer internship

3. Marketing & communication expert

  Must be legally authorized to work in Switzerland.
Details - http://pipemetrics.com/hiring

Swiss requirement is because of "made in Switzerland" label? ;)

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