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No Facebook Messenger for Me (joshuawise.com)
6 points by libovness on April 30, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

Just wanted to let you know that not all is lost. To avoid keeping a FB window open all day at work, you can use messenger.com, which is facebook's solution for this. Or http://www.goofyapp.com/, which is that webview packaged as a mac app. There's tons of other software solutions as well.

Facebook messenger is an amazing platform. You can communicate with all of your friends (even if you don't have their phone number), on all of your devices, mobile and stationary. It also provides context to conversation - a full profile is only a tap away. Sharing photos and files is a breeze, and emojis and stickers add a dimension of fun that is not as effective on other platforms.

Facebook is keeping up with the times, changing, adapting, and not wasting resources on outdated technologies.

I get excited about change and technical improvements, even if it means I have to break old habits. Just something to think about.

Unless I'm missing something, this doesn't address the author's concern of keeping all IM sessions confined to a single desktop window. It's simply a method of using Facebook's Messenger platform without having facebook.com loaded in a browser. So it placates users with privacy concerns regarding opening Facebook on a corporate network, but it does nothing for the advocate of a single chat client.

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