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Or you could spend a few seconds skimming through and see if it interests you. If you're that busy you probably shouldn't be on HN to begin with.

You are right, and I basically do that and mostly write that kind of comment only to threads where I don't have an idea if I want to read it or not, even after skimming through (the first page) of that kind of article.

Look. No matter how wrong or stupid I act, If 10k people watch your link and everyone spends a second considering if they should click it or not, then that's a lot more time compared to choosing a title that says more about what to expect after the click, right? So even if I'm the biggest douche on the planet, we might still agree that it's worth for a link poster to spend some time about its title instead of just copy&pasting the article title.

Fair enough, I agree.

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