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Hmm. I think I may have gotten the compile numbers from another video about Go, and as I'm reaching the end of my stamina for this topic, I'll just assume I got that wrong.

On concurrency, I thought Go right now was configured by default for only a single kernel thread running goroutines, which would make both of them single-threaded implementations.

A few people now have reported benchmark numbers on their machines, with both Stackless and Go. In every case so far, Go has been slower than Stackless for the 100,000 tasklet/goroutine case. Of course, if Pike had a MacBook Air with an SDD then the compile times are absolutely not comparable.

Agreed also about how to tease out the different variables. Still, recall that I mostly want to know why Pike, for example, stressed that there were no tricks going on underneath the covers to make the performance fast, with the implication that people wouldn't quite believe how fast it was, when the performance does not seem exceptional compared to other similar languages.

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