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He was the principal designer of the Haskell programming language

Haskell remains the only programming language designed by committee that doesn't suck.

To trivialize the other members of that committee actually does injustice to Paul Hudak because it's a rarer art working to bring out the best from among one's distinctioned and distinctly opinionated peers.

In version 1.x, I count roughly a dozen members. By the time of the Haskell 98 standard, the membership doubled.



The above is the Haskell 1.2 report from 1992. Hudak's name comes first before Peyton Jones' and Wadler's -- the two other editors -- but that's only because they conformed to the last-name-alphabetical-order tradition. Also, the editorship continued to rotate among other people, all the way forth to Simon Marlow, who did Haskell 2010.

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