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And what makes the model of haskell any more superior to models developed in any other field like accounting, physics or chemistry ?

- Type-safety. Correctness. Speed.

I am sorry, haskell is just a huge roadblock to get things done in the real world.

In the real world proffesional need to juggle all sorts of models. Haskell just says "Fcuk you ! its my way or the gonadway !".

- I don't know what this even means.

I need to juggle between json, matrix, html, etc. Each of them have hundreds of expections.

- Haskell has great libraries for each of these.

You can say my model is imperfect but guess what buddy, every model is. The only models that will work for all cases is prolly einstein's equations but even that has exceptions when dealing with blackholes !

- models?

I tried writing a music library in haskell and haskell makes it really hard to create rules that are expections to the model. Apparently the models developed by 1000s years of music theory is not good enough for haskell !

- It just doesn't let you do it incorrectly.

I cannot even image what it must to be code chemical rules using hakell that have hundreds of expections, or biologial models ! Oh My !

- The more complex, the better Haskell is suited.

I am sorry haskell just gets makes computation much more difficult. Apparently mutation is a crime even though god himself thought it was okay as a rule for everything in the universe.

- Immutability doesn't make computation harder.

my anecdotal experience.


btw i really like the concepts in haskell. I read two of its famous books - LYAGH and RWH. And use all haskell concepts almost daily in production. However the implementation of haskell is not really ready for production or useful enough for the average developer. Its also not easy for the average developer to put food on the table using haskell

- You say you like these concepts, but it doesn't sound like you have the slightest idea what those concepts are useful for.

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