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excellent article, thanks.

it's comforting -for me- to see that almost everybody is going through the same phases while learning haskell. i believe that should say something to haskell community.

i've recently started learning haskell. it's been 25 days. (so says cabal) i was reading a book and struggling to build a web app. (why web app?) i was so close to quitting. later i decided this is not the way to learn haskell. one simply does not read the book and try stuff. that was not enough. at least for me. so i changed my method.

my new method of learning haskell is:

- read the book.

- find one or more mentors (i have two) that are really good at haskell and can answer all kinds of impatient questions you have.

- watch people doing and explaining haskell stuff.

- join #haskell-beginners on freenode and ask your questions.

- create something small first that you can turn into something big later.

online haskell resources are surprisingly deficient however #haskell-beginners community is awesome when it comes to helping n00bs like me and "learn you a haskell" book is an excellent book.

one more resource that i use as reference material is the "haskell from scratch" [0] screencast series by chris forno (@jekor).

before you begin, make sure you checkout chris allen's (@bitemyapp) "learn haskell" [1] guide.

we'll get there people, we'll get there. :)

[0] https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxj9UAX4Em-Ij4TKwKvo-...

[1] https://github.com/bitemyapp/learnhaskell

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