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a) projects are here to teach us notions, for exemple the first minishell we had to code was there to teach us execve and fork (basics to code a shell).

b) first we are building stuff the way the school wants, basically you have to do a programm that do certains things (like recoding a wolf3d for exemple) and you have to follow the coding norme of the school, you are free to do it the way you want as long as you follow the rules for the project. But there is also free projects, during 6months you can do what you want the way you want as long as it is a real project and not 6months of vacation.

c) not everything is team based, except for rushes and some projects, all projects are individuals, we learn together yes but we don't code all the time together.

d) You don't have one mentor, every student can be your mentor, the concept of the peer learning is exactly what you describe, talking to other students to get help, another approach of the projects, learning new things, etc.

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