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Golden hat (wikipedia.org)
87 points by benbreen on April 20, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 28 comments

Golden Hat would be a good name for a security researcher that sells his or her findings to the highest bidder.

When I saw the title I thought it was some kind of a talent retention scheme, like "golden handcuffs"...

Likewise. Maybe a financial incentive to stay in your current role rather than accepting a promotion.

Ever read the book Going Postal? I thought it would be about using pieces of clothing or other accessories to get people to trust you more.

Well, it probably more or less is about that...

It could be a good name for a trendy DJ. The trick would be to never wear a hat.

Far better than a tin-foil hat ... it's a better conductor [1] and far less prone to tarnishing [2].

[1] http://www.kp44.org/electric/ElectricalConductivityOfMateria...

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarnish

I wouldn't call 9% a much better conductor.

[tin foil] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tin_foil

This being HN I get to be a pedant... I'm really bored in work. Sorry.

If you're going to be a pedant you need to be an accurate pedant. smoyer didn't say "a much better conductor", just "a better conductor", and as you say yourself, gold is 9% better.

When submitting these wikipedia articles, it's a good idea to leave a comment with a little quip about why you found this interesting.

Sorry, meant to earlier - I find the calendrical significance fascinating. It's almost a form of proto-writing in some ways (in the sense that it encodes knowledge in a material yet non-illustrative form) but I love the fact that it does so while also being, well, a hat. I also enjoy the potential connections to other Bronze Age oddities like the Trondheim Sun Chariot and the Nebra Sky Disk:



But if I had to be totally honest, I found this while researching the history of wizard hats and that's what I like the most about it. Granted, there's almost certainly no link there, but it's fun to imagine a scenario whereby Bronze Age proto-druid ceremonial headgear leads to Gandalf's hat.

> whereby Bronze Age proto-druid ceremonial headgear leads to Gandalf's hat.

Or, more likely, vice versa, given the end of the Third Age was far before 1000 BC.

I personally love the idea of a conversation along the lines of "What's the date today?" - "Hold on, let me consult my hat"

It is fascinating. Something I wonder is why nobody thinks that "sky disk" is a bronze age buckler.

Even better solution would be to get more people using tldr.io so we could see the summaries while hovering on the front page.

You mention a golden hat, and people respond with:

    - Tinfoil hat
    - Wizard hat
    - Blackhat/whitehat hackers
    - Red Hat Enterprise Linux
That looks like a nice cross-section of HN readers' typical interests. You could probably make some interesting demographic observations on the basis of this data.

P.S. Am I the only one who immediately thought of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland?

Apple announces iHat; people begin queuing at stores. Reddit tips its e-fedora, which is actually an e-trilby. Maker community angrily notes that the oldest surviving combination stealth television remote and infrared camera-blinder hat is now nearly 20 years old. Popehat.com reminds everyone that it is actually a law blog. Several geeks go off on their own to make their own rabbit fur felt, only better, because they're going to use Haskell instead of C.

Actual milliners gape in astonishment as a SV startup selling nothing but virtual digital hats is acquired for $350 million.

Then the tech industry catches sight of another shiny object.

You could probably make some interesting demographic observations on the basis of this data.

That HN readers are unusually interested in millinery.

Some are too polite, or laughing too hard, to post codpiece commentary.

Reminded me instantly of the Papal Tiaras which there have been several of throughout history.



There are some truly magnificent ones, the second link has a lot of images linked.

"Quick! Death is coming! Put on the golden hat!"

This Wikipedia article reads like it's a passage from a Harry Potter fanfic written by an archaeology nerd, describing the Sorting Hat at the wizarding school for rich kids who couldn't get into Hogwarts because they were too pretentious...

Golden... err, "hats"... yeah right. Looks definitely phallic to me.

"We are from France."

Amusing that one of these was found in France.

Was expecting some niche variation on RHEL.

The pope needs to step up his hat game.

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