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Flexbox is nice and makes some things easier, but its still (IMHO) a half assed solution compared to something like QML's anchors.

In QML I can center like this:

    anchors.centerIn: parent
(replace parent with id of item you want to center in if not the parent item). You can also do just vertical or horizontal centering, or you can fill another item or you can anchor eg the left of your item the the right of another item and the right of your item someplace else and it resizes/repositions your item as required.

Flexbox still often requires lots of nesting to achieve what should be (and is in QML) relatively simple layouts. I've also hit a few things that I couldn't do at all with Flexbox (although that could just be lack of CSS/flexbox skill on my part - but to that I say that CSS gets very hard quite fast, while complex layouts in QML are pretty easy).

That is why CSS Grids are coming: http://dev.w3.org/csswg/css-grid/

Like flexbox, this looks like a definite improvement over what we have now, but it looks quite complicated with less than ideal syntax. I imagine that's mostly to do with playing well with existing CSS (syntax and semantics) but its rather unfortunate. I looked at a bunch of the examples and found them quite difficult to figure out, but when I started with QML, I saw one snippet of sample code and immediately was able to create complex layouts myself.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad CSS is getting better and will look forward to the day when I can use this (but lets be realistic, it'll be a while yet before enough browsers support this to be usable), but I can't help but feel that its cruft built on top of cruft and that it won't ever be as slick and simple as something like QML.

Are they really coming? I only see it in IE.

I would love a flexible anchoring system like QML for CSS.

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