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hey, i'm a student of 42, would like to clarify a few things. About the teaching assistants : we do have a few students helping the pedago team, but they aren't TA, they are in the "bocal" to help the team in place to create new projetcs, maintain the school servers and the intranet, that sort of things. Except if you encounter a bug or if there is something wrong with a subject or some hardware you are not suppose to expect any help from them, at all.

Yes 42 is a bit of a fork of epitech, but they don't have the same program anymore, the basic program is the same (projects for the beginner) but new projetcs are totally new, and students are encourage to create new projetcs too (we actually have some, like a project including docker, a student is preparing a OcamL pool etc...).

"All of École 42’s projects are meant to be collaborative, so the students work in teams of two to five people" This is not true, the main concept of the school is the peer learning, you are not suppose to do solo projects with other peoples, you are suppose to learn how to do the project with other people, this is actually a different concept, we do have group projects though but it's a minority.

Hi. Does knowing only English allow you to feel comfortable in 42, or French is mandatory?

Personnaly i'm french, but from what i saw it is possible to attend 42 even if you don't speak french (it's a good opportunity to learn it though), sometimes it would be tricky (i think videos are only in french) but if you have question, people who speak english will help you. Actually we have people from usa, ireland, marocco, singapore, romania i think and probably others.

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