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And this is absolutely the only place where "separation of content and layout" works. In real world, layout often is a part of content - but instead of accepting that, a lot of developers like to proclaim that their code is soo semantic, and the metric ton of grid layout divs in their "content" is not tables in disguise, but definitely has some important semantic meaning...

Seriously, I don't know what's more broken - CSS itself or the web developer community, with the amount of self-deception, cargo-culting and stockholm syndrome cases present there.

It worked perfectly fine for me from ~2004 and forward. I guess the bigger problem is that web tech is considered somehow not important so lots of developers did not really bother to unserstand CSS. I think around 2005 we had a golden times of the web. It went downhill since, sadly. Prolifereation of one-page web apps, stupid desire "to win mobile", mindless spawning of all kinds of frameworks turned out into complete mess :(

Funnily, 2005 was the time when people were misunderstanding JavaScript. I still have nightmares from all those animated snowflakes and rainbows following my mouse cursor, or date calculators embedded on every other page for no reason except to show off...

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