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Why couldn't we just have made non-semantic tables? In addition to the semantic tables, I mean.

Divs with display:table/table-row/table-cell _are_ non-semantic tables.

except divs lack colspan

I came across this issue recently and was surprised after all these years there still isn't colspan support. Ended up having to create additional containers when I should be able to style it using CSS.

There's (almost) always a way round a problem. In the case of colspan, try this:


Which would actually be somewhat helpful, come to think of it...

adding role="presentation" to a <table> element will tell screenreaders to treat the element and its required children as non-semantic. I still say using a table for layout (of non-tabular data) is should be a last resort but it's easy for me to say since making a layout is rarely my job.

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