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It's legitimate for people to point out that these fixes are not universally available, because many people still need to support old versions of IE.

That said, I think it's important for people to understand that many of the problems that people have canonically associated with the web's incompetence have been "solved" in standards for a number of years. There's a real difference between problems that remain unsolved in all browsers and problems that do not remain in the current versions of all browsers.

That difference may seem moot until the features are universally rolled out, but understanding that a solution to centering content rolled out in all major browsers (including Internet Explorer) three years ago may help us get past a sense of learned helplessness about the web.

Yes, improving the platform takes time, but by making browser vendors aware of the problems we face as web developers, things do get better.

The problem is that it doesn't matter only to IE, but to every version of a specific browser.

Nowadays people are not only using desktop computers. Many of the computer form factors used nowadays almost never update, yet one needs to support them.

EDIT: Typo version => browser.

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