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Show HN: Startup directory listing, and PR pitch email distribution service (pitchmantra.com)
6 points by raksapp on Apr 18, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

Pitchmantra founder here, We created online marketing tool for tech startup, to help founders a) Pitch their startup to 100+ top tech publishers instantly (able to see read/view status realtime) and b) manually submit startup details to 25 top startup listing sites - http://pitchmantra.com/publisher-list

we have just launched the product, I would love to get some feedback on the service, any other sites we should add to the list and anything else you would like to see more of?

we are offering 40% discount exclusively for the HN users - use coupon code - 'HN2015'

Looks like an exact copy of : http://www.pitchpigeon.com/ . What is the benefit of this? Seems like it can come off a bit spammy...

Sir, Thanks for your response.

May i please ask you, why you think its exact copy of another site, for us exact copy would be if someone tries to copy the code or at least design etc.

Pitchmantra is designed and developed ground up, using PHP Yii and Bootstrap 3, using various APIs etc.

here is list of advantages a) publishers list are tracked on weekly basis and updated once in a month actively - we have browsed through 1000+ sites and curated list of only publishers link which are active (for example Gigaom.com is now shutdown and allthingsd is merged with wsj) b) In addition to delivering pitch to 100+ publisher we also submit manually startup details to startup listing/directories sites like killerstartups.com, etc and this is again based on product and region of the startup c) By submitting your startup on listing sites, you got good quality backlinks, SEO benefits, social media mentions etc. d) After factoring discount of $30, we are charging only $39 for BOTH the service (vs. other provider charging between $49 and $75 for one service)

now, regarding your question about spammy part, we don't think so it will be considered as spam, since all these publisher and listing sites wants startup to pitch to them.

Happy to answer if any more question.

also note, that the list of sites is free to pickup by anyone and submit themselves manually (without using the software) all free of cost.

Looks like good list, It will be useful for us when we launch our app in a month.

Can I check, is it useful for unreleased/beta products as well?

Thanks, glad you liked it. Yes, you can use our platform for beta products as well. when listing your startup details to listing sites, we will carefully select only those sites which list/publish beta products.

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