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LlamaDB: A simple SQL database written in Rust (github.com/nukep)
72 points by adamnemecek on April 17, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments

HN author should probably have linked this blog post instead. https://nukep.github.io/progblog/2015/04/15/developing-llama... it's a good read.

Seems like a cool toy. Rust is probably the right language to write a db

>>>> Do not use this for anything important, like... for anything.

"Llama" means flame in Spanish; a rather appropriate name. No pun intended.

It also means "Lama", the animal.

Doesn't it also mean "call" as well? So if this database ever became relevant it could be seen as "CallDB". I think "CallDB" is also an appropriate name for a database in a sense.

yes, "llama" is the present tense, 3rd person singular, as in "he calls" (el llama).

Candor should always be encouraged in software (and particularly in databases). Free/open source software eventually works around a lack of candor, but the turnaround time is shortest from honest authors who explain the tradeoffs they intentionally make. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Also really excited about rust for these kinds of things, and about how the language is being developed in general.

I like these kind of announcements: dat open source bravery on a Gihub README.

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