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How long until we find out what happens when it reaches 0? Let's be pessimistic and assume that everyone wants to click it. There were 3.4 active accounts on Reddit last month. 700000 have clicked it so far, so there are 2.7 remaining. Assuming an upper bound of clicking it at 1 second remaining, we get ((2700000 users) * (59 seconds/user))/((60 s/min) (60 min/h) (24 h/day)) = 1843 days, or a little more than 5 years. Of course, it will be less than this. I'm not sure what the distribution of click times is, and it will definitely change as more people have clicked.

3,410,682 (from reddit.com/about) is the number of logged in accounts yesterday, not last month.

This number also includes accounts registered after April 1st, but they are not eligibe to press The Button.

and doesn't include accounts that were registered before April 1st, but did not log on yesterday. This potentially could be a lot since it is relatively common to have more than one account on reddit.

From what I'm seeing, it rarely dips below 50 seconds. So taking an average time, it could be less than a year.

Also, assuming that if it hits 0, the game is over. So it could be over in a week or two once the focus dies down.

It well below 50 before you all found it :(

time = always laplace

What, the Laplace transform could somehow be used to solve this?

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