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Honestly this just highlights some of the negative things about the internet to me.

It doesn't highlight anything negative about the internet to me, though I fear for the future of our species.

Nonsensical activity on which I won't be wasting any more time than the 2 minutes I spent reading about it.

Life is a nonsensical activity. 90% of startups are a nonsensical activity, that's why investors spread the money around, 1 in 10 make it? The people in those other 9 companies may as well be watching the button ;)

It highlights the difference between hackernews and reddit. People here are highly motivated and have a goal (fame and fortune). Reddit users are highly motivated, but don't have that goal (entertain me!)

I feel the complete opposite.

What positive elements of the internet does this highlight?

It's a harmless social experiment, and is amusing?

Even disregarding the possible neat conclusions that could be drawn from the dataset regarding group behavior and psychology, what's wrong with doing something silly because it's fun?

You're not actually addressing the question. You talk about "harmless fun", which is a fine argument against "negative highlight", but is not an argument toward "positive highlight".

I'm very curious what Kiro thinks. I hope they clarify and weren't just being hyperbolic.

Harmless fun is one "positive highlight" of the internet which I enjoy. The more general "positive highlight" for me is that the internet allows us to mix work and play/fun together. Most evident every April Fool's as we see serious companies putting out great jokes. I'm confused how others could see this as negative without being against fun all together.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I read "this just highlights some of the negative things about the internet" as a very strong statement. "harmless fun" can disagree with it but is nowhere near the opposite.

I can easily see the position that pressing this button is a horrible skinner box action. It doesn't require being anti-fun. I don't happen to agree, but it's a valid opinion.

What I can't figure out is the true opposite to that position, where it's an amazing consequence of technology. What's the logic there, I'm highly curious! Like, mixing work and play is kind of neat but you can do that anywhere.

I find it intriguing. Like a quick experiment that you could expand upon and turn into a broader social game, or a unique auction methodology.

I agree. How sad that some people have to invent these idiotic memes to fill up their time.

Meanwhile you're wasting time on Hacker News.

You know, that's what we always do : fill our lives with meaningless stuff to occupy ourselves until it's over.

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