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Superb article!

Holacracy is clearly yet another in the very long list of attempts to synthesize a lot of great ideas into some ultimate solution which is then prescribed, trademarked, marketed, and proprietary so that the company can authorize "official" trained people who take their official training courses etc. The list of organizations like this is vast, and most of them offer some value and yet create fragmented and confusing overly-branded markets. For just one random set of examples: Alexander Technique vs Feldenkrais etc. etc.

Holacracy has some good ideas, but it is not a final end-point. It is just yet another place in the long history of organizational ideas. See the complex history of cooperative businesses for example.

Holacracy must become entirely Open Source, i.e. the software and the writings are all freely-licensed. The developers need to stop trying to control ideas that are 95% not original anyway, just a branded spin on existing ideas.

Anyway, this article at Medium does great job of dealing with things, and the comments there are great too. Thanks

Holacracy seems to be taking some good ideas and packaging them with strange ideas, like saying that people should not talk about personal topics at work.

What about the Brazilian engineering firm Semco? Follows a non-hierarchical, self-organizing structure. Thousands of employees, very successful. Described in two books by CEO Ricardo Semler: The Seven-Day Weekend and Maverick. http://www.amazon.com/The-Seven-Day-Weekend-Changing-Works/d...

He recently gave a very inspiring TED talk. That's how I've got to know about Semco. http://www.ted.com/talks/ricardo_semler_radical_wisdom_for_a...

One anecdote is not data and neither is multiple anecdotes Nobody would claim that you cannot have one successful company without managers. The question is, if you switch your company to this model, will it be more successful. Unlikely, in my opinion.

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