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I love that they're talking with the Ember guys too, as their approach to a CLI seems to be one of reusing other people's work and just wrapping it. There have been too many cases of wheel reinvention, and I'm particularly glad to see that no-one's talking about yet another package manager.

> so folks can declare dependencies like for JSX transpilation

This is an interesting one. It'd certainly solve a lot of the toolchain headache for front-end development.

It's good to see discussion on animation as it seems to have been a long-term headache for React, at least.

I'm not 100% convinced by the Web Worker talk - I think the complexity could mean it's not worthwhile. But it's good to see people unifying their thoughts in order to test it once and for all.

All in all, great stuff. It'd be interesting to see if this could be regularised into some kind of "steering group" for the front-end...

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