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Building a 3D Printed Electric Jet Powered Snowboard (judegomila.com)
79 points by loopj on Apr 8, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 24 comments

How much thrust would you need to move a person up hill on skis? I wonder if a paragliding motor might work?

So I tested the board without me standing on it uphill and it goes up. I estimate around 35lbs+ for my configuration for a slight incline.

The amazing part is the energy density and discharge rate of LIPO batteries. Also the ducted fan is impressive for its size. As a hobby project its fun to watch. As a consumer product, the noise pollution would turn the average alpine ski resort into the audio equivalent of a highway.

Seems like using thrust is going to be a limitation here. What about some kind of belt that contacts the ground when activated?

you could also add a seat for when you get tired of standing, and maybe a steering mechanism as well, and a cowling to cut down on wind resistance.

I think this idea could disrupt the powered snowboard industry.

I like the idea. If you have a surface to react against, why not use it? It doesn't change the functionality, so it isn't just becoming a snowmobile as others claim, you just have to set it up so it maintains ability to slide.

I think a pair of small tracks on the back with some kind of speed sensors to make it coast without drag is ideal (think bike coasting system with drag compensation).

He would either need to cut a space for the track into the board (there goes an expensive board if the results are poor) or put two tracks on either side of the board like training wheels. I don't think either makes sense as the first is too destructive and risky and the second will severely limit turning even more and most likely add unneeded weight.

Or hang it off the back perhaps

Then he would just be making a snowmobile.

Similar, but you'd be standing on it and there's no steerable front. Much different if you ask me.

Almost a hybrid snowmobile/hovercraft

The fact that it's 3D printed is just an eye-catcher. You could have done the same without any 3D printing.

I've never understood this brand of 3D printing detraction - yes, I could absolutely make 80+% of the "glue" parts I make with my 3D printer using crap from the hardware store.

But then I would have to know what crap I needed in advance, and go to the hardware store. I like getting to be extra lazy, and 3D printing facilitates that nicely. The end result also usually functions well and looks great.

I personally wouldn't have designed that EDF mount the way it was designed, but it works and I can't argue with the totally cool end result.

On a side note I'm super glad the author of this blog post used LiPo fire bags. I thought the hype about LiPos as bombs was overblown until one in my homemade electric bike caught fire on the charger once. I was very lucky that I always kept the bike outdoors on my porch, but never again! Always on concrete, in a bag from now on.

Cool idea. I'd like to see it with a JetCat or similar hooked up to it.


How would a gas turbine be safer? Much more heat, flammable fuel, so I'm curious as to the reasons.

Depending on the fuel, gas turbines can be much safer. The current and voltage he's working with is fairly dangerous for close contact, where it takes a great deal of effort to ignite kerosene or diesel fuel in an open air environment.

Ah, ok. That makes more sense now.

Still, I would expect the massive heat output of a gas turbine to be another danger as well. You are, after all, spitting extremely hot gases out the back, which could pose a great danger to anyone behind and might also melt a large amount of snow. Probably depends greatly on the method of mounting it though...

It wouldn't, and it would suck fuel like crazy. Fans aren't optimal for low speed thrust.. turbojets even less so :) 2 fans would be much better than 1 jet.

not safer, though with [bigger] gas turbine you can get something like this :


or with bigger propeller : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_UtPmb3Z-o (in the San Carlos museum btw)

Jude is a part-time comedian. :) He was just kidding.

This thing is dope!!

Make sure you keep water (melting snow) away from the ESC, since it likes to kill ESCs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4z8QMgTEA4.

What about a design that uses kinect energy accumulated when you are going downhill?

This guy is going places.

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