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Raleigh, NC - Scry Analytics Front End Web Developer - Node.js/Angular.js Required

Job Description and Responsibilities:

We are looking for a front-end web application developer interested in creating web applications. The candidate must be able to take an idea with only a list of features and translate that list into a concrete design document with emphasis on user experience. Then, after creating the design document and page mock-ups, be able to work with database engineers and software engineers to create a fully integrated web application able to handle big data analytics.

All applicants should be prepared to demonstrate their development ability. During the interview, we may give a simple algorithmic coding test as well as a coding test based on a previous difficulty we’ve run into on the project.

This is a full time position and all applicants must be willing to work onsite – relocation may be discussed in the interview.

Required Skills:

* Proficiency in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Javascript libraries (e.g. jQuery)

* Proficiency with Node.js or Angular.js, preferably both

* Working knowledge of at least one server side scripting language (e.g. Python, PHP, Perl)

* Working knowledge of either relational (e.g. MySQL, Oracle DB) or document based (e.g. Mongo DB, Informix) databases

* Proficient in writing clean code as well as documentation and APIs for code

* Work in a team environment and work on multiple projects in different phases of the development life cycle

Recommended Skills:

* Working knowledge of one programming language (e.g. Java, C++)

* Working knowledge of web servers (e.g. Apache) and servlet containers (e.g. Jetty)

* Working knowledge of the full MEAN (Mongo DB, Express, Angular.js, Node.js) stack

* Experience with graphing and data visualization technologies


* Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in web design or programming, experience may be substituted for education

Very interesting. I checked out your website and noticed it doesn't mention you have a Raleigh location; maybe you're already aware.

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