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A much more complete book than K&R is "C: A Reference Manual", which has much better explanations.

See it here: http://careferencemanual.com/, at its home page.

Or at Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Reference-Manual-5th-Edition/dp/013089....

Turn to this book when you have questions. The authors are Harbison and Steele. If you become a C programmer, you will want and need this book. So you may as well get a copy now.

Another (more advanced) book is The C Puzzle Book.


It's older and I'm not sure it's totally up-to-date with the latest version of C. But it's still very valuable. If you finish this book, you will be a C ninja, and it isn't too hard.

K&R is outdated, in my opinion, because it is too skimpy.

CAR is a great reference book and something that I will use when I am writing embedded C even today.

But it is still a reference book not a get started with C guide.

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