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The X250 supports 16 GiB RAM sticks, and the T450(s) (20/32 GiB) aren't too big either. Keyboard could be better, but the competition is worse IMO.

Do you have a link or further info on that as I've everything I've found says the X250 is limited to 8GB (which is why I'm still stuck with my 2yr old X230)?


8 GiB is the official limit, 16 needs after-market modules; and you're still limited to single-channel speed.

So no, I don't think the X250 is an adequate replacement for the X230. The X230's 35W CPU is still faster than the X250's 17W one (except in [GP]GPU-heavy benchmarks) and the X230's dual-channel RAM eats the X250's single-channel setup for breakfast, even with the new modules.

Advantages of the X250 are the nicer display (FullHD IPS at 400 nits), and lower power consumption per pound (the X230 still has a higher total battery run time, but only with 9-cell+slice batteries, which double its thickness and weight…).

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