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I actually tried to buy one of these. Unfortunately I live in Scandinavia, but I wanted an English keyboard (Scandinavian keyboards are a pain to write code on). Since it wasn't possible to specify this via the order form, I tried to ring them, only to find that the only support available for private consumers is via their website, which doesn't allow me to specify this!

Got curious and tried it from the Netherlands. I get one version of Ubuntu supported XPS 13, with no customization options whatsoever.

I just wonder what kind of logistical mess Dell must be. If I order an Apple, I get the same options anywhere on the planet (with the exception of keyboard variations, but at least I can always order English international), and the customized laptop gets shipped straight from China.

Surely having all these localized variations just makes things more complicated?

I had the very same issue as you, but I managed to buy one of the previous versions with en-US keyboard by kindly requesting it to an agent via e-mail. They were able to fulfill the order even if the option didn't show up on their website. Note the delivery might take longer than any of the pre-configured options though.

Thanks for the tip! How do you get in touch with these agents?

I happened to have a contact from an agent I dealt with in a past order. If you check some specialized forums I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find out some agent working for your area.

They are selling them on the UK Dell website, maybe that might be easier to order from here?

Thanks for the suggestion. I considered this, but I was worried about how it would affect my support guarantee if I had bought the device from a different country. It might be fine, but it might also lead to all sorts of bureaucratic headaches if I ran into any problems.

There don't seem to be any customisation options there either though...

And the UK keyboard isn't the same as the US one, right?

Yes, its a bit different in the number+shift keys but the leters are in the standard QWERTY arangement.

> Unfortunately I live in Scandinavia, but I wanted an English keyboard (Scandinavian keyboards are a pain to write code on).

I got my laptop from Amazon and shipped it to Colombia just because of that. I had no luck trying to buy it local.

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