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Developer edition, and still no option to get it with 16GB of ram. This is the only thing that I dislike about this laptop, other than that it's a very cool little machine.

Serious questions: what's the use case for 16GB RAM? I'm not doubting... just curious.

In a developer machine? Off the top of my head: virtual machines, in-memory databases, a bitmap editor with huge bitmaps consisting of many layers, game programming, 3D rendering...


Well, I am a games programmer and my machine at the office has 64GB of ram....which nearly runs out every time I start the project. All laptops which we use for going on business trips have 16GB of ram but that's sufficient only for a minimal set of projects to be ran. Obviously that's a very specific use case, but those specific use cases exist, and it's sad that the XPS, which is supposed to be a high-end machine, does not cater to those use cases.

Thanks. It's interesting that both you and the other respondent to my question are game developers. It makes sense that that line of work entails large data sets, etc.

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