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Nod Labs - http://nod.com - Mountain View CA - Full Time, no remote work.

We believe our motion and gesture technology will fundamentally change how we interact with computers and our environment. We have built the first and only pixel accurate gestural control device, and we are just getting started.

Yourself: Self starter and mostly importantly a finisher - pick something up and deliver without supervision. You will be a manager with a team size of one - you. You will need to pick the next problem on the way to achieve our goals and solve it. You could be working on our custom OS twiddling GPIOs or you could be hacking on the backend or polishing off our iOS app. You will need to hold a lot of complexity in your head and have solid CS fundamentals. For what we do, Google may not have all the answers to your questions, github may not have any such sample code and Stackoverflow may have a vaguely related question with no replies, but you will be responsible for solving the problem.

We are currently looking for a) Embedded SW Engineer b) Game developer with Unity/Unreal experience. Motion Capture pipeline would be a plus. c) Mobile developer who can architect and build great multi-platform SDKs (think Unity, Parse etc) d) Web Frontend developer. Build what is next for nod.com

Team: ex-(Apple, Blackberry, Facebook, Google, Jawbone, Lab126, NASA, Samsung). Approximately 1/3rd of the team are PhDs (or PhDs on “pause”) in various fields (Math, Physics, CS) from MIT, Stanford, CMU etc.

Drop us an email at stdin@nod-labs.com

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