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Sift Security | http://siftsecurity.com | Menlo Park, CA | Full-time or Intern | Full stack/Backend Developers, Data Scientists.

Sift Security is an early stage startup, leveraging big data and advanced analytics to enable enterprises rapidly discover, prioritize and investigate security events. We are actively hiring to expand our team of security and distributed systems engineers and data scientists.

Various full-time and INTERN positions offer competitive compensation.

Full Stack Developer: focused on creating a groundbreaking user experience for security investigations with big data. Experience with AngularJS, d3.js, Javascript Play Framework, Java would be helpful.

Backend Developer: focused on efficiently processing and analyzing large volumes and varieties of enterprise data. Experience developing in Java is important, Scala would be helpful.

Data Scienctist: focused on identifying, evaluating, and implementing innovative detection algorithms. Experience in Java, Python, R, Scala would be helpful.

For more info see https://angel.co/sift-security-1 or send an email to neil@siftsec.com regarding Full-stack/Backend or to vvlad@math.mit.edu regarding Data Scientist positions.

Hi I am a second year cs student interested in the summer internship. May I get more information about your internship positions? I couldn't find anything on your website. You can reach me via tony.lee@berkeley.edu. Thank you.

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